Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Running around like Crazy

Whassup everyone- a brotha has been running around like a chicken that got his head cut off- as always alot of thinking going on, hanging out with Sweetness, everyone think's I'm having an affair with an 85 year old woman- why can't we just be freinds- But, whatever, I love her she loves me- we keep each other from being depressed for our lives-

Ah, my life is pretty much work, work, auditioning, work, work, eating, work, lil bit of sex, work, work, thinking, eating, work... you get the point....

At any rate, wanted to blog real quick send my boy smilingonthedl a shout for his Bloggavversary and tell me homie Clay that I miss him and we going to have to catch the island trip this Summer at some point once I get my building into shape- and hopefully before I start next year's budget or maybe right after we start the muthafucka- before all my hair falls out- just reminded me a brotha is going "back" to his old ways- about to let the hair fro back out and might just might let it nap back the fuck up- which means I'm probably going back into a cocoon- and then will butterfly out again-

I think I slept on the MC Cd because I been rocking it like crazy and anyone who's seen me drive down 53rd street knows I have "we belong together" on repeat...LOL- something about that song fucks me up-- guess somehow lost apart of myself also- trying to get it back- but can't get it back if the person is deceased- will blog about that a little later.. but a brotha is just on this crazy ass journey redefining and living and learning and if anything constantly changing--- Like Effie said in Dreamgirls-- look at me , I AM Channnnngging.... Speaking of hope Beyonce Popeye Eaten ass don't fuck the movie up and whassup with Usher's mom saying he ain't doing the flim- things that make ya go hmmmm-- and who knew Eddie Murphy could sing??


Frank León Roberts said...

some interesting shit going on in your world man!

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Do your thing bruh! Thanks for the shout out! I told you MC was the truth! Next Hot CD, COMMON!

Everytime, you reference the "I'm changing," song, Jennifer Holiday is singing loud as ever in my ears, lol.

That will be crazy if they get all of the stars they are trying to get for the movies. You need to audition for something!