Sunday, May 08, 2005

Craziness or someone has a twin

Ok, I'm tripping right now because I just logged on A4A to be nosey and I see this dude who I went to school with- and I'm like hold the fuck up cause this cat was wit a white girl in school- and the other day I found out that the chick he was dating was Omish so they weren't having sex anyway- well from what I remember all the booty grabbing and kissing that the two of those did when I saw them beat the hell out of me that he wasn't getting any booty- or maybe he was too busy given up booty-- LOL- At any rate, either someone is trying to exploit that brotha or he done came out the closet- cause he got not one but 2 pics on A4A- things that make u go hmmmmm-- So, you know I sent a note to the brotha- but nothing "scary" or like niggah i see u- i sent a simple note that said either u done came out the closet or someone is using ur pic- at any rate be safe on here- Now, this is the scary thing there's another dude that be on A4A that i went to school wit too- but I knew about his closeted/"dl" ass- I mean who comes over to your crib to get their grub on has two beers and THEN all of a sudden wants to suck your dick- LOL--

Well, I think new boy bettta watch out for ole boy cause unlike me he might run that brotha's business-

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The LoveHater said...

Man, Mr. 2BEERS prolly sucked ole boy's dick years ago! LOL