Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Crazy Weekend- the Recap

Ok, my weekend was crazy as all hell- it started out with a Friday that lasted too long- I intended to leave the office early on Friday only to find that I stayed over an hour late- After, I finally got out of the office, I did some running around, went home & took a nap-

I got up shortly after midnight because I had to meet my homie DR from out of town- (I took a nap because anytime that DR is in town, I know that I wont be getting any Rest or Relaxation) At any rate, I got my ass up a lil after 12, jerked off did the Shyt, shower, shave thing and I was out the door on my way to the infamous Prop House

I got there just a lil after 2 am, quickly found DR and Tallandslender, my homeboy who lives here- and the night began. The night began with the DJ fucking up every thing he played, me being sober as hell (I've refused to make the Prop House rich and still have a horrible time-) DR & Tallandslender acting crazy towards each other and everyone else- (ends up they been fucking- MESSY, Messy, MESSY-LOl), clowning with two of my other boys, and the highlight of the night running into my Ex Lot (we belong together, uh NOT).

The funny thing about Friday night was realizing how much I've grown- clowning wit my boys was fun as hell- mediating between two freinds was tired and when Tallandslender asked me could DR stay at my place I was too thru and wanted to killl both of them- when my Ex looked me and my face with that big ass smile and gave me that big hug I could hear Mariah singing "when you left, I lost a part of me, come back baby please, cause we belong together"- it's funny how in a way he still has a familiar affect on me, whenever I'm in his presence I blush like all hell- the negro actually made my night by inviting me to some BBQ he was having and saying that he's been trying to get in contact with me-- LIes, lies, lies, but hey I did move and it's very likely that he lost my #- but at any rate, seeing him was kewl and feeling that feeling off-- ohhhh was good- but then not squeezing and holding it death was even better so I guess "I'm shaking it off, cause your loving aint the same and you keep on playing games"-

Saturday started off similar to Friday, mediating between two freinds, who I had to give a talk to before we went out for the night- I gave my everybody is single talk- everyone is a free agent- your going home with the dick anyway so chill- At any rate, after giving my lets have a good time and no jealousy is allowed in our space tonight- especially to Tallandslender, who was Mr. Emotional, DR must have some really good dick- because this fool really acting a fool on Friday night- by the end of the night I looked at him and said yo he's a hoe- get over it, not only is he a hoe, he's a BIG hoe-lol- At any rate, we attended a very lavish dinner party, drinks with his perfect female freind, and then the International Leather party, where there was more ass out than I've ever seen in my life-

Now, Saturday was very different than Friday night because I didn't drive- so I got fucked up- I was so fucking drunk and was just mixing shyt just for the hell of it- and after seeing all the variation of bootys shooting thru holster and leather pants, thongs, and all kinds of other things- I needed to be- the highlight of the night was being nosey in some freaks room and just watching and hearing the disgusting grunts and squishes from some fat ass mofo who got his back yaked after the main party- that shyt was TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! Nah, that shyt was a hot mess!!! LOL

Sunday morning I awoke next to my buddy from NY, this brotha is tight as hell, body out of this world, educated, sweet, and got a lil dick- Lord have mercy on his soul- I think that's why he's single- cause the brotha got it going on- Anyway, I awoke, took my ass home after we cuddle for damn a long ass time and went back to sleep smelling like beer, scotch, vodka, and god knows what else- at least no bodily functions because unlike my peeps who went to Dc/PuertoRico/or Miami I didn't have sex this weekend- poor me- Sunday turned out to be a day of running around and then hitting another tired ass club- getting in the crib in the wee hours of the morning and sleeping all day Monday.

Monday was a day of deep sleep and then dinner with Sweetness- then back home and then out to a fundraiser with a freind Fineandcrazy- I got home a lil after 3am and went str8 to sleep cause I had to work today and today is Tuesday- and I am back in affect but now I need a vacation


ClayStarr said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. We'll have to talk soon.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend!

I bet Sweetness is adorable, LOL!