Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Culture Points

That damn Phylicia Rashad has done it again- ole girl down got another Tony nomination for her work in Gem of the Ocean- for those who don't go to the theatre- she won last year for Raisin in the Sun- could this year prove to be a repeat? Who know's- but wouldn't hurt to see another Afro-American with a Tony- But, then again we also have James Earl Jones up for a Tony after not gracing Broadway for 20 odd years- and Sir August Wilson nominated for his playwriting skills in Gem of the Ocean and for those who don't read the news- next up for Wilson is Radio Golf, now playing at Yale Rep- so well be seeing that run across America until he can cut and paste the Broadway version together- August is allright-

Ok, moving on I want to go check out the Touring Company of Wicked here in Chicago but everything is sold out except "obstructed view seats" and then they want me to pay 77.50 + a $3.00 surcharge to see half of Elphaba and Galinda- what kind of shyt is that- I might have to wait until the Chicago "sit down" Company takes over and even they want $70 some odd dollars- this IS NOT Broadway folks- shyt I remember sitting in the second row to see Smokey Joe's Cafe on Broadway and the tickest were like $75.00- what the hell is going on-

In my cd player right now-
Man wasted money on Mariah Carey's new cd- although we belong together is TIGHTNESS! The rest is ok- I was expecting more hip hop head Mariah stuff- the chick can sing though

Eric Roberson- check this brotha out- he's from Jersey originally (my home state) and he's shyt is tight if your into Neo Soul- funk- like be honest type of shyt

Frank McComb- brotha is tight- neo soul/ r&b/ tight to drink a glass of wine too

Phyllis Hyman- I loves this chick! I brought her new one between the heartbreak- loves it- loves her- balances a brotha out

John Legend- Mr. Take it Slow- tightness- but getting a lil tired of him by now

Betty Carter- my bitch- this is one bad bitch man- and I mean that it the best way possible- this chick is no joke- the queen of jazz...

I'm due for a few musuem trips- a brotha been slacking on that one-

If you know of anything that a brotha is missing let me know- I'm trying to get my culture on-


ClayStarr said...

Ms. Rashad is FIERCE! I saw her in Raisin last year and Gem of the Ocean this year. Her performance in Raisin was good - her performance in Gem was great! I hope that she can pull back to back wins. That would be out of this world.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Brotha EMO,

We are having some problems... I don't appreciate the MC references, all her shyt is tight, LOL Sike nah!

Seriously, you need to move to NYC, so you can see these plays with me! I'm so happy for Sista Rashad. And I might need to buy a B. Carter cd and talk shyt about her on my blog, LOL!

Oh yeah, Go JERSEY!

Frank León Roberts said...

I had the pleasure of bringing the legendary Rashad to NYU this February as a guest speaker...when I say this woman has the presence of a GODDESS I kid you not! All of us (the room was JAMMED) were in absolute AWE as she lectured us (as black performers) on how to "Look for Our Center." It was truly amazing. I'll never forget it. She spoke a lot about preparing for Wilson's play.

The Foxybrown Show said...

Jersey City has just stepped into the building!

I'm going to go ahead and agree with The Starr on this one and say that Ms. Rashad put it DOWN in "Gem"...
"The Emancipation" is THEE CD of Spring...Ummmm, yea Mariah is BACK!

I suggest you check out a sister named Carmen Rodgers I have been diggin her for a minute. I believe she's out of the UK, her album much like Eric Roberson's is a sleeper...U just never see it comin but by the time the last track has played you get the message.