Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

The thing about theatre is that casting is so funny... today I read that the cast for the Chicago production of Color Purple will star... Latoya London as Nettie, Michelle Williams as Shug Avery (who the fuck would have ever thought), and Jeannette Bayardelle. Now, I can understand casting Jeannette, I mean she's playing Celie on Broadway right now... but I guess the casting of Latoya London in this production and the casting of Fantasia to play Celie on Broadway really shows the impact that American Idol has had on society.

I mean you have 1,000 of people who attend acting schools around the country and the parts are going to those who can't read but who can sing, and to those who don't have the training-- that shyt is tooo too funny.. but shyt, I will go ahead and see both productions anyway- just to see if they got the blood and guts to play the shyt...

Just another thing to make me say hmmmmm... did I really need to go to grad school?

LOL.. and the fact that I'm about to go backs makes me want to choke myself but a brotha got to eat and I've found another water I can splash my toe in....

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queenesther said...

when i read this entry, i felt compelled to tell you three things.

1. newsflash: when it comes to "making it," it's not talent that matters. it's tenacity.

2. theater casting is all about putting butts in those seats - just like any other genre in the entertainment industry. in theater, they'll keep a famous person in any production to insure tickets sales.it's not "tooo too funny." it's good business. (when they put puff daddy in "a raisin in the sun" it sold out the run. who cares if he was horrible?)

3. for a person of color, graduate school is ALWAYS a great idea.

keep the faith, baby.

your fan,
queen esther