Friday, February 09, 2007

Better Days

Sometimes, it seems like the harder I try the worse things get-

Today was a very trying day for me... I won't go into the logitics of the situation- however, it was a very trying day.

I want tears to fall from my eyes to release some of this stress from my soul- but none will come and when they want to come I'm in the middle of a meeting, or in front of the judge and I won't let them- I hold them in... I push them back with all of my might that my stomachs grumbles because at that moment I realize I haven't eaten all day and that I might not eat again.. because right now I just want to die... or to go somewhere where no one knows me because right now, I don't want to know myself- because I want to be invisible.

I'm looking forward to better days.

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LUVIN ME said...

I hope things get better for you...