Monday, April 10, 2006


How do I escape the pain of mistrust
the eyes of a lying mother
the semen and vaginal fluids of adulterous hands that have blistered a young soul/ that still cries out for help after standing on the chair all night/
bruised and alone he takes the walk to school to avoid the bruises if he's late if he's not the perfect son/ avoiding embarrassment to his already poor mother/ impregnanted with grief/ that hangs along his shoulders like the mask of night against an engrained star/
he smiles/ n yet the pain resonates throughout his cheeks/ but the pain displays a glimmer of help that there is a way out/ out of this misery/ out of this existence- out of nowhere comes a secret he never wanted to use- the secret is bigger than any one man's courage to live life/ to have a wife/ cause none he shall have/ his testicles are now chewed on by other men as treats, as an appetizer to the feast which is his life-

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LUVIN ME said...

That was deep!