Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year/ New growth/ New questions & answers

Whassup blog peeps, this is my first post for the new year and it's like in the past year I've explored and exposed alot via this blog and the year to come will be no different... this blog has become my notebook to myself and lately "myself" is what I've been questioning the most.. For instance, last night I attended a party where it was mostly str8 folks but I mean shyt I had a reallly REALLY really good time and although the women were coming on a little too strong,, I kinda liked it and might have to revailidate my bisexual card.. I haven't fucked a chick in a while and lately I've kind of been craven some pussy... n the thing is I could have got some it;s just that I feel like I have to be "honest" about my sexual past if I'm going to fuck a chick.. I mean I have a mom, grandmom, sisters, neices and aunts and I wouldn't want no man sleeping with them and not telling them that they also sleep with men.... so.. who knows what the new year will bring,,,,, I guess it will be whatever way the winds blows and I do live in Chicago so we know that damn hawk is a bitch....

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