Monday, March 17, 2008


It's funny when in life something happens and you feel your heart breaking but right there in that moment you feel the truth-- you respect the truth and & just accept & move on....

This weekend, I spent some time with LeftmygirlinNewyork-- not sure if i revealed this before but somehow i ended up loving Left-- don't know, how when or where-- but i remember the first time i met him... at any rate, this weekend he told me that he's getting married--- and my heart sunk-- but i was like ok, dude always told me he had a girl... and as tears came to my eyes-- i realived that the inevitable had finally occured.. so this weekend i told him i loved him and although he couldn't tell me back because "it would make it real"- i said good bye and without malice, or hate, or disgust... just goodbye....n i'm ready for love--- for someone to love me and me love them back-- no more Mr. Unavailables-- the last song we hugged to was alicia keys and when it played i was like whoa the universe be on the money---- i hope Left is happy...... because i'm destined to be

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Ruslan said...

Wow I just googled the word "pooquie" and came across your blog... I feel you man, I'm a 22-year-old gay man and I've had my share of Mr. Unbelievables, and I'm pretty ready for love myself. Good luck finding Him!