Thursday, March 06, 2008

8 Messages & Why Friendship is Important

Today, I spent most of the day in training and than had a LATE night meeting. After my meeting I went out to dinner with some folks from my MAIN Corporate Office.

Everything went WELL!

I got home and checked my messages and I had EIGHT (8) messages on my voicemail. Thought some were work related but ALL ended up being from friends... TWO from my homie in New JErsey who I'm going to go see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with, FOUR from my best friend in Chicago and one from an old friend in Chicago- the other ONE was from someone who may becoming a new FRIEND.

At any rate, my best friend called- I called him back first and today and got fired from his job because they found out that he doesn't have a US Citizenship. He was hurt, scared and concerned. Thank goodness he got married a few months ago and his wife knows everything (thank goodness he's not gay) At any rate, as I talked to my friend the pain in his voice went str8 to my gut- I hate when people i love are hurting and I could tell that he was in pain-- all i could do was listen and offer my love support and of course a bedroom here at my place- he accepted everything but the bedroom and i know he's a strong man so he will be fine... I will say a prayer for him and his wife tonight and keep him in my thoughts.

The other calls I really didn't get a chance to return but tomorrow I will return more calls... FRIENDSHIP is so important not only in one's time of need, but ALL the time.... Don't forget your friends... show them love not just today but everyday...

Love u RZ.... if u need me I'm here....

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Darius T. Williams said...

You're right...friends are so important.