Saturday, September 30, 2006


Igght, just got out the bed after laying some serious pipe last night with NewDude, I wore his ass out... but like I said don't think he's masculine enough for me and this morning kind of proved that to me, plus he's starting to get attached so I'm going to have to cut this off.

Such a damn shame, cause the brotha got it going on in some of the other areas, but I don't even sleep good with him, so that's also problematic. I think it's because of the masculine/feminine thing and although I've tried to convince myself to look at the other good things about the brotha, it just ain't helping... I can't help it... I'm not attracted to non masculine guys like that. It's like I mean, be u, be urself, but I'm not attracted to that. And I keep having this MLK conversation in my head about the content of one's character but I like what I like and I like the boy next store versus the boy next store of jumps rope or carries a purse... just my personal preference.. For those who are attracted to non masculine guys, I got a few referrals for you... Nice brothas who just lask Testerone.

I know on one level it seems so shallow, but honestly, if it is than I'm guilty.

I like what I like and what I like is MEN. And if you feminine, which means you act like my lil sister or call ur freinds girl, and shyt like that your not masculine, actually lets put it like this, to me, being "gay" is one thing, it means ur attracted to members of the same sex, and that's kewl with me... now when one starts behaving in the manner of the opposite sex one would have what I would call gender identity issues.

Now, let's be realistic we all have to some degree feminine and masculine characterics, (anima and animus) however when you start thinking, breathing and living as the opposite sex you got some issues...

And I mean shyt live your life, I'm definetely not the person to tell someone how to live, I am however the type of person to say please respect my space and queen out over there... because I'm just not attracted to all that... honestly I don't understand it... and kinda don't want to.. long as I'm tolerant and respectful.. I don't think it makes a difference..


blkbutterfly said...

hey, just stopping by from ladynay's spot. well, i think everyone deals with this issue to a certain degree. we all have our "deal breakers" and then question whether we're shallow by having them. at the end of the day, it's important to know what makes you happy, but to also be very honest with yourself and figure out if there are things you really can comprise on but just refuse to do so.

Emotionalbrotha said...


Thanks for stopping by.

In the end, I just like what i likes.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same with a guy approach me and say he is a top and I laugh because no "fem" is getting up there on me.