Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where Do I go from here

Ok, where do i go from here?
i'm unemployed, yep, quit, nah---- resigned from my job
in order to maintain my sanity
i cried when i left
looking at my desk bare
nothing there as a testiment to what i'd accomplished
i looked at the walls
no pictures there anymore
i looked at the floor and there was dirt n hurt
n it was time for me to go
so i said good bye
in order not to hide my discontent
with this arrangement that had been my life for the past two years
my relationship, my lover, companion and friend
paper clips, paper, staples, and shyt..
and now nothing,..
what i'm i supposed to do now..
where do i go...?
where i sit in front of my computer
n type
n witness the sight
of naked men
and titties
and pussy
& cum
running... i've stopped runnning... now i can catch my breath and look & see if there is any foresight
cause damn..
i'm not running anymore.. for 1st in my life.. i can breathe but i still cant see the forest from the trees
betrayed in hindsight,,... too blind to see the light... but hey i got the might
with my life n front of me
resume enhanced
no glasses, no lens... just my pain...
a dream washed, maybe away...
cause what i thought i was i am not...
cant get it on
cant get the gig.. so i ran to the gin... and than beer, and wine, and vodka, and rum


Darius T. Williams said...

Is this true?

Ladynay said...

U con't to go up from here.

Unconquerable Soul said...

brotha, i'm praying for you.

can i get a damn call back? lol

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Oh, Brother!

It's ironic that when we are unemployed and our self-esteem is at it lowest is when we have to present ourselves to employers as full of self-confidence and competence. "Fake it until you make it" is a good way to deal with this paradox.

If you can blog and you like writing, you have skills that you can sell. You just need to find an organization that needs those skills and has the money to pay for them.

Don't drink or drug! Decide where you would most like to work if you could get a job there, and then volunteer to work there one day a week, with no expectation of a job. You'll meet so many people and enjoy your surroundings so much that you'll be glowing and accomplishment, and soon the offers will start rolling in.

Choose a leader in your chosen field and volunteer to him/her for four hours a week for free to do his/her job more effectively. Volunteer to help responsible people to produce their annual conference or workshop in your area of interest.

The gratitude this engenders and the experience you get are just like money in the bank. These people have the jobs and you'll be rubbing shoulders with them on a project that is important to them. If you weren't born with "contacts" you can make contacts for yourself by strategically volunteering a little of your best time and talents to leaders who can help you.

You've obviously got the free time, and this will be much better for your career than drinking and watching porno movies.

E said...

Wow...that was pretty deep. I'm at the crossroads myself of leaving my job. I'm in the phase where I'm fearing the unknown. I had a plan for the afterlife but things aren't quite working out the way I want them to.

But enough about me..:-) Here's hoping things work out for you. I actually like the idea francis l. holland wrote about volunteering.