Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Beginnings

When one door opens, opportunity has a way of coming through the window- or sometimes theres a knock on the door so hard that it scares you- you jump out of ur skin and ur get a grip on reality-- the reality is that I wasn't happy and I wanted to be happy- wanted to be free and so I'm seeking refuge in the nation's capital.

Watch out 4 me.


Ladynay said...

You're in DC? Coolness! Tell my momma and 'em I said wassup! LOL

But really, you wanted change and your making it happen, good for you!

Emotionalbrotha said...

I will tell Ray Ray and em, you said hello.

Yep, I'm n DC, just got off a phone interview and got a few personal interviews lined up- not bad for a week unemployed...:-)

Tańtruм said...

I love DC. When is the house warming.

LUVIN ME said...

Good luck on your quest for happiness.