Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yesterday I wanted to cry- the reality that I gave up "everything" to have "nothing" really set in hard- i've gone from 50K to 0, from nice crib to homeless - sleeping on my buddies couch, from benefits to no benefits, from relationships and something to do to well starting new relationships and not much to do cause my ass is almost broke-- but u wanna know what i'm going to be alright- only been in DC for a lil over two weeks, I have no diseases, i'm healthy, happy, unemployed, loved, and special and shyt i have two interviws tomorrow- so, life isn't so bad after all--

- no matter what only a real man, can walk away from "everything" and trust that everything will be allright-

this is my growth


Ladynay said...

It's an overused statement but I try to live by it...

Everything happens for a reason. Whether good or bad. If we were not supposed to make the choices we make we would not have chose them.

You will be fine.

Emotionalbrotha said...

thank u ladynay i needed to hear that today! for real!