Monday, February 06, 2006

Words, words, words

Isn't it powerful how words can affect you? How words can name, blame, and claim your black ass.. what would we be without words, if for some reason we lost all ability to speak who would we be? Could we live & love without ever vocally expressing it? it's amazing-- this post already has conquered even thoughts that I didn't know or didn't set out to express.... it's amazing how images, pictures can have an overwhelming affect on us... if someone never said i love u.. but held u close, gave u sweet kisses, rubbed ur feet, protected u from danger, soothed ur wounds- without saying a thing, just the gesture or the metaphysical touch of another man's/woman's hands.. like damn at this moment I realize how much a brotha needs to be loved.... its like this words, thoughts, feelings are encompassing every part of my being but yet and still i feel the need to ask, where would i be, who would i be, who would u be without these words to describe, hinder, bind, blind, misuse, abuse, use and instill power and strength within us....

man who would we be.....????

and yo who would guess that all out that came out of my reaction to the one word i detest, i wont say the most, but i do hate this one word.... that word is "fag".... and I mean does my reaction to the word mean that possible could I be a "fag" or is it like the word "nigger" the 1st time u hear it... u feel something so deep.. something that moves u in such a way.. that although u don't understand the word for intellectual sake, u just know it's not something u want to be or be called...... hmmmm.... when i was a kid i remember the saying" sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" aint that a muthafuckkin lie.... a ball faced lie.... words can really hurt someone, break them, tear them apart..... but like Les Brown says, just cause someone says something about u, that doesn't make it ur reality... at any rate, whats ur reaction/attitude/ perspective in regards to words???


christopher said...

words are intentional, and for the most part are chosen to express exactly how we feel. so when someone uses the word fag and/or nigger it is an exclamation point and just as potent as the words fuck you. and while that these words can be cleaned up and presented in ways other than their orginal meaning the sting, though softened, is still there.

i love words, and i am in a constant state of learning to use them wisely.

thanks for the post.

WiseYoungMan said...

Sometimes you can't afford for someone's use of a word, or the context in which they choose to use that word affect you. That's giving someone else more control and power over you than anyone should ever have.
Don't let someone's word choice choose your actions as well.

Just my thoughts.