Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Beginnings

Today, I started my new job! *thumbs up* - the day was to say the least very challenging- got up a tad too late, ended up in the wrong place, but not at any fault of my own- my e-mail account and things were not set-up, I was unable to get into the system and I learned that I would only be not working 3 holidays out of the year- no big deal RIGHT? RIGHT!!!

So, other than that, I now how to look for an apartment and learn a ton of shyt so I can be successful at my job!

My personal life is a mess... I'm looking for intimacy but finding nothing but sex.. and boy does dc have alot of sex...and I'm just glad I'm turning down most of the sex... cant say I'm turning it all down-- cause I couldn't say no to this one cat.... but for the most part REALLY REALLY behaving... not trying to get played out in DC or for that matter simply PLAYED!

Had some other stuff I wanted tpo blog, but forgot what it was-- a brotha going to bed.. be safe peeps


E said...

Congrats on the new job. I'm glad things are starting to slowly turn around.

I think men are crazy no matter where you go...I ain't mad at you for not turning down that one cat. I bet he was hot..:-)

Ladynay said...

Time for an update...