Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work & Identity

For the past two months I have not gone to work. I have a medical excuse as to why I'm not there but it seems like the depression from not going to work or perhaps my day not being structured from the work that I'm required to do for a paycheck has finally got to me.

And it is now that I have to ask my self the following:

How does work attribute to my identity?
How does work affect my self esteem (I mean there is no business cards any more to identify who and what I do)?
How has work prevented me from focusing on what's really important in my life?
Am I working a job which speaks to my heart and to my potential?
Would I be happier working somewhere else/ doing something else?
How has work helped me get to where I am in life and at what cost?
Does my work give me pleasure?

These are the questions that I'm battling with today as I wake up after 3:00pm and not because I didn't go to bed at a reasonable time but more because the work I've done is not satisfying....

What's a brotha to do????

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